Jodie Gruenstern, DVM, CVA
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Affordable email consultation is available if you live outside of Arizona. 
 A face-to-face visit is required if you live in Arizona.

If you have a new puppy or kitten and want to get them on a holistic path, or you have a pet with a difficult chronic disorder and you would like to avoid medications with side effects, if you are frustrated with allergy management or terrified of a cancer diagnosis or puzzled by autoimmune and excessive vaccinating, then I am your doc!
I am an important adjunct to your local, conventional vet. 

Please tell me where you live.

I help patients from a variety of locations throughout the state, including Scottsdale, Payson, Fountain Hills, Apache Junction, Mesa, Goodyear, Phoenix, Anthem, Sedona, and all over the world. (I am sorry, I do not do house calls.)


Arizona patients are seen face to face at my peaceful little office and natural food shop in Fountain Hills located at 16747 E. Parkview Ave., #11, 85268. I am in the building next to El Dorado Animal Hospital near Chase Bank. 

One hour first-time visit* is $145                          Online Prepayment
 1/2 hour follow-up is $65                                     Will be Required

*Visit includes exam, paperwork review, nutritional consult, holistic plan, and essential oils demo or teeth cleaning demo, and a "food tour". 

Laser therapy session is $55
Acupuncture treatment is $65
Be prepared to take notes! 
Bring records, test results, food, treat and supplement labels to the visit! 
Thorough blood work is an option as well as titer testing. 

 Email me to schedule an appointment

I also offer long-distance educational email consults.
I will email an invoice to you with a disclaimer. 
You may prepay for an initial email consult of  $90. 
This includes a review of your story with my suggestions and handouts pertinent to the topic. Please send a pic of your pet! 

Please realize I am not legally allowed to diagnose or treat without a face-to-face veterinary-client-patient relationship. Our long-distance
email consult will be limited to an educational discussion in regard to a particular disorder and natural care.

Current clients will be billed after correspondence for phone/text follow-ups or email questions. My current AZ client email responses and follow-up questions will also be billed at $3 per minute for my time reviewing your pet's story and your questions. I can be pretty helpful in a short amount of time.  I also provide a lot of useful handouts!

I am sorry, I do NOT do phone consultations or house calls. 

If you are on my YL oils team, oils discussions are at no charge! 
If you are not on my team and not a client but have some general pet or human wellness questions, I bill at $3 per minute.

I also supervise no-anesthesia teeth cleaning.  More Info

Take care and I can't wait to talk to you about natural pet health!


What is a Food Tour?

This "tour" occurs after your initial visit to my Fountain Hills office.
  • Browse my shop with me
  • Learn how to select probiotics for diet transition
  • Learn the difference between kibble, canned, freeze-dried, dehydrated, and frozen raw commercial diets
  • Receive practical dog or cat feeding instructions
  • Learn how to tweak a species-appropriate diet to benefit a puppy, a senior, or a pet with a chronic disorder such as liver or kidney disease or even cancer. 

Natural Care Modalities

Essential Oils

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Western Herbals

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Chinese Herbals

Why Young Living especially for Pets?

Not all oils are created equal. Found out why!

Information courtesy of Dr. Jodie Gruenstern