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Dr. Jodie and Friends' School
Here is just a small sampling of what is to come!

Course Objectives:
1.Be comfortable conversing about holistic principles with friends, colleagues, customers, and clients.
2.Be aware of a myriad of holistic modalities and how to integrate them into a conventional veterinary, natural pet retail, boarding/daycare, or grooming facility.
3.Develop a demeanor consistent with a holistic work environment.
4.Think about the whole mind, body, and spirit when handling patients.
5.Learn holistic terminology.
6.Understand titer testing. Learn how to evaluate titer results and be able to explain these to pet guardians.
7.Learn the basics of natural nutrition and how to guide pet guardians in healthful, balanced food choices for their pets.
8.Learn reduced vaccination protocols. Learn the benefits and risks of various types of vaccines and how to explain these to pet guardians.
9.Learn the basics of nutraceuticals, whole food supplements, Western and Chinese herbals, homeopathy, and flower essences, when to consider these modalities and how to pursue additional education.
10.Learn the basics of acupuncture and how to assist a veterinary acupuncturist. Be able to use some basic acupressure protocols.
11.Be proficient with basic massage and be able to teach basics to pet guardians.
12.Understand the basics of safe and effective use of essential oils for animals and their environment.
13.Be aware of the importance of rehabilitation, disorders commonly amenable to physical therapy, basic equipment, how to assist a rehab vet or obtain further education for certification.
14.Learn principles of therapeutic laser and how to implement.
15.Learn the principles of pEMF and how to implement this.
16. Be introduced to first aid and CPR as a holistic first responder.
17.Be exposed to alternative modalities which require an open mind, discernment, and critical thinking.

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